Give Nightblades – Elder Scrolls Online Best Sets

So far what I’ve noticed about Nightblade are simply lacking both tank and damage while Dragonknights tend to have both of them. DKs are just way out of line class, no argue needed. Sorcerers have nice damage and ridiculous escape ability but they tend to have less tank, while Templars have ridiculous self healings that makes them to have insane tank while putting fine damage.

Nightblades don’t have much distinct advantage over the other classes. Burst damage, which is core elemental of typical rogue classes, is clearly lacking and it only works under specific circumstances. However, I’m not even going to ask to boost burst damages. It’s fine as it is in my opinion.

What lacking severely is sustained damage. None of Nightblade’s class ability offers decent sustained damage, so we have to rely on weapon abilities, but those popular weapon abilities(mostly dual wield I assume) have terrible sustained damage output that are not really reliable against Dragonknights and Templars. They just won’t do any real damage to them. Meanwhile, Nightblades’ tank is so terrible that I can’t really put up with any incoming dps. So in the middle of not enough sustain damage or tank to kill enemy, that’s where the current Nightblade is.

Now, I believe giving 2 simple things to Nightblades can make them more viable.

First, make Evade skill(active, medium armor) passive. The current Evade doesn’t give really significant dodge bonus, but it takes one slot on the skill bar and it even soaks up some stamina before engaging. It’s not too terrible to use Evade before engaging that is on the sub-skill bar, but in the middle of the fight… it’s just tricky to swap between main and sub skill bar to just use evade. This game doesn’t offer GW2’s smooth swap. With occasional chance of passive dodging, Nightblade can solve a bit of its survivability issue.

Second, give Nightblades a passive that boosts Poison glyphs effectiveness, and make poison glyphs a bit more accessible so that every nightblades can buy white glyphs from vendors. I’m not going to specify how much should it be strong, but it would be nice if the DoT is stronger than most of the DoT abilities, which are kinda useless in general. This change will give Nightblades a bit more sustained damage.

Most of all, I believe these 2 things do not violate Nightblade’s conventional class concept, so I came up with these. I’d love to hear your opinion. Can these changes be justified considering the current state of Nightblade? Or these changes are too much buff for Nightblade?

ZOS level 50 of ESO needs to be the max char level no more VR levels or Champ levels

After playing for a few months some things have just really bothered me. I really like the game but around level 47 or 48 or when you complete the story and quests for PvE things get weird.

I think this suggestion has good points but I’m sure I’ve overlooked some things as well. The idea is to bring players together in this MMO who are at max level and not create so.much distance. The elite players and guilds would still have quantifiable results that make them more proficient but as it stands the endgame is just weird.

ZOS level 50 of ESO needs to be the max char level no more VR levels or Champ levels

Did you all want us to be level 62 or not?

VR levels really belong elsewhere. Maybe it’s a way for PvP players to account for their PvP leveling but that also seems odd.

I listened to the champion level skills that will come in a few months but the prolonged problem is this.

Gear should make the character stronger at level 50 by using set bonuses, skill increases with gear or weapons, merchants and crafting benefits but all gear and weapons should max at character level 50. Having a VR level gear and weapon restriction is weird when it’s not a level 51, 52, or 53 item.

If you want to create a currency or progression that is obtained by gathering experience that allows vendors to sale recipes and gear, or weapons for level 50 that could work but not ideal. Not a token system like World of Warcraft either.

A different but more solid concept is proficient characters. A system that produces rewards that a player can effectively use as endgame or even to assist other characters.

A radical idea is to lower the cost of horses for all the account characters by 100 gp every “x” amount of exp after level 50 is achieved.

Let the player or account owner pick something like increase bank space by 5 slots or even horse training or add one point to a skill or crafting that is not at max level. Not give extra skill points but the experience that levels a skill in any category.

It would make level 50’s more proficient and encourage them if they wanted to reset their skills to try other ways to play the game or to max out all skills so that they could swap into another role when needed for trials or PvP end game PvE.

Offer an option to be rewarded with something that makes the account feel seasoned rather than separate characters who must all do the same content over and over.
Just bump everyone to level 50 Monday and come up with a logical VR conversion for those who ha e earned those levels.

The Champion levels for an entire account is a good start. And rewards those who have VR levels today but I do understand that the passive skills are not available so using the other suggestions above seems to make sense.

Also when the champion system comes it would put everyone on the same level and not cause distance or an elitist approach as one character is u underpowered compared to another because they were not VR 12 before the conversion.

The VR gear would be level 50 gear with more powerful stats based on the prior VR level requirement.
This VR stuff or any char level other than 51, 52, 53, etc is just silly. And if someone choses to do an alternate alliances quests then why would they roll and alt or what is the reason why PvE players can’t play anywhere from levels 1-50

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The Elder Scrolls Legends: The Rune Factor

The Elder Scrolls: Legends has an element to the game where every player has five runes, that break with every five health points lost. When runes break, players draw a single card. Some cards in the game have an effect called Prophecy. This means that if they’re drawn from a rune breaking, they can be played immediately at no cost.

Why is this such a big deal? I feel like that’s obvious. The Rune element of this game gives you the chance to retaliate and even interrupt enemy attacks and turns. By planting the right kinds of Prophecy cards in your deck, you can really change the tide of battle in your favor. Some prophecy cards allow you to heal, some allow you to lay down creatures, and some allow you to flat out destroy creatures.

A few prophecy cards are actions that can do things like shackle and silence, which allows you to plan a proper retaliative measure. For me, being from a Hearthstone background, it’s nice to be able to interrupt a play and show an opponent who’s boss. In Hearthstone, you can count on secrets for that sort of thing but that’s about it.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends just continues to impress me the more I play it. The cost of cards is super responsible, and the developers are clearly conscious of the value of things like summon damage and card draw.

Feel free to continue upgrading your cards and give the versus arena a try. Tomorrow, I plan on doing a discussion surrounding the types of decks I think are the most fun to use in the game so far.

In the meantime if you haven’t already, try and download the open beta! It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s complex. Check out the official The Elder Scrolls: Legends website for more info.

ESO “Focus on Social” – Where is it?

Dear ZOS

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all doing well and as excited as I am about the upcoming DLC, The Dark Brotherhood!
This is a post I have been planning on making for a long time, and is really for the attention of the ESO development team, but I believe (and hope) that this will resonate with many of the ESO communities out there. I don’t often make big forum posts like this, but this is a subject which I am very passionate about and is close to many communities hearts.

So first, a quick introduction:

I’m Bel, and I’m the guild leader of a large, social, casual, respectful, fun loving community called Alith. We’ve been going for 6 years now, and have been a presence on the EU server of ESO since beta days. We have 450+ active (yes, we don’t have any inactive members..) and we’re all fun loving ESO fans. We have organised daily PvE events (raids, social events, competitions), and also have our own ESO video podcast called Alith-Cast. You can check out our official site. We were one of the very first guilds to submit our “Guild Spotlight” application sadly to this day, we never got a mention, anyway!

I wanted to give you guys some background about us, so you can understand how passionate we are about ESO – our guild is a 100% ESO guild, and we are ALL about community & family.
Which brings me onto the reason for this post:

The Elder Scrolls Online – Social & Community Features (or lack of)

I really want this to be a constructive feedback post and a desperate plea for help, and is in no way meant to be negative. This is also just my own personal opinions, but I know a lot of my community share these concerns.
I have been leading this community of ours for many years, and ESO has certainly been the game we have been most passionate about, and our guild has really loved calling this game our home. It’s with great sadness, therefore, that I share my real disappointment with the severe lack of guild / community features in the game, in comparison to other MMO’s out there.

Of all the MMO’s our community has made home in, ESO has really been the weakest in catering for player guilds & encouraging us to create real family like communities. ESO fails in some really fundamental areas, core features which any MMO really needs, to help guilds to be the best they can be. There are also countless missed opportunities, that ZOS hasn’t taken advantage of yet – the ESO world of Tamriel has some fantastic ways it could incorporate & support player guilds, but for whatever reasons, ZOS really has not given player guilds any priority and has really neglected this part of the game. Communities like ours are desperate, and in urgent need of support & help.

When I heard the news in Matt Firors “Year Ahead” article at the start of the year, with the title “Focus on Social”. It was music to my ears, and I thought finally we’re going to get some real needed guild / community features and finally we’ll be able to really integrate our communities into the game, have fun rewarding ways to build our communities (like other MMO’s have). 5 months in and…. nothing. (grouping tool improvements, are not community improvements).

So of course I want this feedback to be constructive, and specific. Therefore I want to take this opportunity to point out those missing fundamentals, and also share some really simple (and some more complex) ideas / suggestions that would SERIOUSLY help all us communities who are desperately trying to make the best guild experience we can:

ESO "Focus on Social" - Where is it?
Missing Guild Features & Suggestions:
Server Guild Lists & Guild Recruitment Tools – nearly every MMO i’ve played has some basic way of viewing in game, all the guilds on the server, and some even have mechanics for you to apply to various guilds in game, and also read some basic information about the guilds, giving the players a way to read up on guilds & apply to them, in game. ESO doesn’t have this.
Guild Activities – Again, nearly every MMO we’ve played, has various activities in game, designed specifically for guilds. This includes, but isn’t limited to guild quests which can be picked up and completed by guild members, which then generates rewards for guilds and their members. There are SO many ways ESO could incorporate this, and again would create a way for players to spend time in game, interacting with their guilds, and doing something which will benefit their guilds.
Guild Event Calendar – granted this is certainly more complex, but again some MMO’s we’ve played have a calendar system where officers of the guild can post up events planned for the guild, in game. Members can then view the events on the calendar in game, and even sign up to attend them. We could use this from anything from Trials Runs, Social Events, Competitions and so on.
Guild Halls – So this is something that ZOS could easily implement alongside player housing. Create a system where players could gradually contribute towards a guild building (or purchasing) their own guild hall. The hall could then be a place for communities to meet up, and socialise, You could possibly have some additional special guild quests that you can only pick up from the hall, and hell you could even put some special crafting stations there 🙂 The possibilities are endless.
Town & Village Capture / ownership – and I don’t necessarily mean PvP! In some other MMO’s i’ve played, there are guild systems in place where player guilds can actually capture various regions or towns in the world! By capturing the town, we could then decorate the town with our own guild branding (flags, banners etc..). There are various ways you could implement this – a popular vote election campaign (like Tera did very successfully), maybe tie it into guild questing (complete a certain amount of guild quests, and earn the chance to capture towns that way. Guilds could benefit from capturing a town by receiving a certain % of tax from all merchant transactions (and traders). Anyway, there are several various ways you could implement a town ownership system, and let’s face it, Tamriel isn’t lacking in towns or regions! It’s also another game mechanic that will encourage your players to continue to revisit old areas!
Guild Identity in game – Oh my, where do I start. Again ESO is seriously lacking in helping us guildies to FEEL like we’re part of a community and be able to easily recognise fellow guildies. I hate to tell you but the tabard system is a very poor attempt at this. Most people don’t want to cover up their shiny nice armour they worked so hard for, with bland basic guild tabards…. I could write a whole thread on guild identity features which are needed, but let me summarise with: 1. Allow us to filter the nameplates settings, so that we ONLY see nameplates above people who are IN our own guild – that way we can spot our fellow guildies out in the world easily – WITHOUT the “you must wear your tabard” condition, which defeats the object. 2. Allow us to upload our own custom guild logos / branding, so that our guilds REALLY stand out in the game, and let us display our guild logo next to our player nameplates, like most guilds do. I realise there is some immersion considerations here, but you can always allow the option to toggle on / off. The bland emblems that we currently have to choose from, just don’t make our guilds stand out and don’t give us that real sense of identity we need. 3. Give us other ways of identifying fellow guildies without it covering up all our armour (emblems on our shields? Capes? Guild Dye Colour Schemes? etc etc) and yes, we want to be able to display our guild branding at our guild hall and villages / towns we’ve captured haha. 4. Guild Leaderboards – again, a very easy way to recognise guilds achievements, you could have both PvP and PvE leaderboards, but it would work even better with the “guild questing” or reputation system I suggested earlier. There are loads of other ways you can improve guild identity in game, and these suggestions so far are just very basic and fundamental ones – food for thought.
Guild Info section on official ESO website – as it says on the tin, why not have a dedicated area of your website where you can view, interact, and make contact with various guilds in game. A real community section which would show the guild management team, and other useful info about various guilds. And yes I know there is already a forum section for guilds, but that is really not what I am suggesting here 🙂
Special Guild Vendors – you could tie this into the guild questing / reputation system, where player guilds can unlock special vendors which can be accessed by the guild to obtain rare & useful items! Again, multitude of ways you could incorporate this.
Guild Ranks – why not allow us to “level up” our guild and have various guild ranks. The higher our guild level, the more features & benefits we can unlock for our members. You can make it very challenging to attain the levels, and again tie it into the guild quests giving our members another reason to keep doing the quests / activities.
Other in game guild features – you could add some really simple but useful additions such as custom guild member polls that we can create, to allow our members to vote on various topics. Why not have some cool & special cosmetic additions that guild members of certain rank can access (like special mount armour for guild officers, or special capes for guild raid leaders, etc etc). There’s just a lot of little simple quality of life changes that you could implement for guilds, which wouldn’t require a lot of work.
Guild vs Guild Wars – Ok, so even though I dislike PvP myself haha, I can certainly see the value in implementing some kind of PvP system for Guild vs Guild battles – again there are many many models out there of how you could could implement this, but its just another way of helping to create some guild pride & some friendly guild competition.
Guild Note – I think you need to fix this, so that guild members can all update their “own” guild notes, but not others guild notes. Right now there is only an option to let EVERYONE change EVERYONE ELSES notes – but not “just” their own – doesn’t work very well. As a result, in our guild, members have to “ask” an officer to change their own note for them, its very silly haha.
Why not have some random “events” that happen in the world, similar to the dark anchors, but events that are specifically for player guilds to tackle & accomplish. Again lots of ways you could implement this, I won’t go into specific examples, this thread is already quite long haha. In essence though, a reason for “Guilds” to go out into the world together, and achieve objectives (non PvP).

What next in Elder Scrolls Online if SotH isn’t even out on consoles yet

I’m a console player, and I’m looking forward to some of the changes that will be implemented during SotH. (text chat, race change, and fixes, I’m looking at you) Truly and honestly though, I’ve already got my thoughts in the future, like 4 months from now, when we get another DLC/base game patch. There’s just so much that I want to see added. So many things I want to see fixed. Let’s just get SotH out of the way already…

First and foremost, I’m looking towards a future with class balance. Being a primarily magicka player, I’m frustrated with being the underdog in most circumstances. Weapon damage numbers can be stacked so much higher than spell damage numbers. One of the new monster helms has a 1 trait bonus that gives weapon damage (only weapon damage). Imagine stacking that with kena? Yea… It’s obvious. It’s overstated, but it’s a problem.

Second, I’m looking towards a future with race balance. Even with the current changes, Nords, Imperials and Argonians are underperforming (with the exception of some tanking builds). High Elf is significantly better than Breton in most magicka builds, and, as I’ve mentioned before, why do Khajit and Bosmer have a passive for increasing damage done from stealth, something that mostly only the nightblade class would benefit from. Lately, I’ve been trying to theorycraft a hybrid build, despite the game mechanics being entirely against it. Why does damage scale off of resource pool? Why do we not have damage caps, favoring DPS, DPS, DPS? Where is the DK spammable? When will magDK be a real class?

Lastly, I’m looking towards a future with more unique features and less small bugs: filtering in guild stores for consoles, being able to change the style of armor, having a preview feature for armor so you can really see what you’re going to get before making it, more guild features to promote group collaboration, unique hairstyles (they didn’t even release the hyped ones on PTS), etc. In terms of bugs, I think it’s the small ones that have been the most annoying. I’m tired of seeing my character ‘ride the ground’ and ‘mounting it’. It’s not sexy.

I could go on, but really what I want to know is where is this game heading? What do we know from the devs, from ESO live, from those super rare comments on feedback threads on the forums that we have in store for the game in the near future in terms of balance, performance, and those really awesome small features that make a world of difference, like being able to reply to in-game mail, making the in-game mail feature actually useful?

Please share any insight or information you have about any real changes ZOS has suggested we will be seeing in the near future (not that player housing BS that’s going to cost us all a pretty penny in the crown shop).