What next in Elder Scrolls Online if SotH isn’t even out on consoles yet

I’m a console player, and I’m looking forward to some of the changes that will be implemented during SotH. (text chat, race change, and fixes, I’m looking at you) Truly and honestly though, I’ve already got my thoughts in the future, like 4 months from now, when we get another DLC/base game patch. There’s just so much that I want to see added. So many things I want to see fixed. Let’s just get SotH out of the way already…

First and foremost, I’m looking towards a future with class balance. Being a primarily magicka player, I’m frustrated with being the underdog in most circumstances. Weapon damage numbers can be stacked so much higher than spell damage numbers. One of the new monster helms has a 1 trait bonus that gives weapon damage (only weapon damage). Imagine stacking that with kena? Yea… It’s obvious. It’s overstated, but it’s a problem.

Second, I’m looking towards a future with race balance. Even with the current changes, Nords, Imperials and Argonians are underperforming (with the exception of some tanking builds). High Elf is significantly better than Breton in most magicka builds, and, as I’ve mentioned before, why do Khajit and Bosmer have a passive for increasing damage done from stealth, something that mostly only the nightblade class would benefit from. Lately, I’ve been trying to theorycraft a hybrid build, despite the game mechanics being entirely against it. Why does damage scale off of resource pool? Why do we not have damage caps, favoring DPS, DPS, DPS? Where is the DK spammable? When will magDK be a real class?

Lastly, I’m looking towards a future with more unique features and less small bugs: filtering in guild stores for consoles, being able to change the style of armor, having a preview feature for armor so you can really see what you’re going to get before making it, more guild features to promote group collaboration, unique hairstyles (they didn’t even release the hyped ones on PTS), etc. In terms of bugs, I think it’s the small ones that have been the most annoying. I’m tired of seeing my character ‘ride the ground’ and ‘mounting it’. It’s not sexy.

I could go on, but really what I want to know is where is this game heading? What do we know from the devs, from ESO live, from those super rare comments on feedback threads on the forums that we have in store for the game in the near future in terms of balance, performance, and those really awesome small features that make a world of difference, like being able to reply to in-game mail, making the in-game mail feature actually useful?

Please share any insight or information you have about any real changes ZOS has suggested we will be seeing in the near future (not that player housing BS that’s going to cost us all a pretty penny in the crown shop).


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