ZOS level 50 of ESO needs to be the max char level no more VR levels or Champ levels

After playing for a few months some things have just really bothered me. I really like the game but around level 47 or 48 or when you complete the story and quests for PvE things get weird.

I think this suggestion has good points but I’m sure I’ve overlooked some things as well. The idea is to bring players together in this MMO who are at max level and not create so.much distance. The elite players and guilds would still have quantifiable results that make them more proficient but as it stands the endgame is just weird.

ZOS level 50 of ESO needs to be the max char level no more VR levels or Champ levels

Did you all want us to be level 62 or not?

VR levels really belong elsewhere. Maybe it’s a way for PvP players to account for their PvP leveling but that also seems odd.

I listened to the champion level skills that will come in a few months but the prolonged problem is this.

Gear should make the character stronger at level 50 by using set bonuses, skill increases with gear or weapons, merchants and crafting benefits but all gear and weapons should max at character level 50. Having a VR level gear and weapon restriction is weird when it’s not a level 51, 52, or 53 item.

If you want to create a currency or progression that is obtained by gathering experience that allows vendors to sale recipes and gear, or weapons for level 50 that could work but not ideal. Not a token system like World of Warcraft either.

A different but more solid concept is proficient characters. A system that produces rewards that a player can effectively use as endgame or even to assist other characters.

A radical idea is to lower the cost of horses for all the account characters by 100 gp every “x” amount of exp after level 50 is achieved.

Let the player or account owner pick something like increase bank space by 5 slots or even horse training or add one point to a skill or crafting that is not at max level. Not give extra skill points but the experience that levels a skill in any category.

It would make level 50’s more proficient and encourage them if they wanted to reset their skills to try other ways to play the game or to max out all skills so that they could swap into another role when needed for trials or PvP end game PvE.

Offer an option to be rewarded with something that makes the account feel seasoned rather than separate characters who must all do the same content over and over.
Just bump everyone to level 50 Monday and come up with a logical VR conversion for those who ha e earned those levels.

The Champion levels for an entire account is a good start. And rewards those who have VR levels today but I do understand that the passive skills are not available so using the other suggestions above seems to make sense.

Also when the champion system comes it would put everyone on the same level and not cause distance or an elitist approach as one character is u underpowered compared to another because they were not VR 12 before the conversion.

The VR gear would be level 50 gear with more powerful stats based on the prior VR level requirement.
This VR stuff or any char level other than 51, 52, 53, etc is just silly. And if someone choses to do an alternate alliances quests then why would they roll and alt or what is the reason why PvE players can’t play anywhere from levels 1-50


The Elder Scrolls Legends: The Rune Factor

The Elder Scrolls: Legends has an element to the game where every player has five runes, that break with every five health points lost. When runes break, players draw a single card. Some cards in the game have an effect called Prophecy. This means that if they’re drawn from a rune breaking, they can be played immediately at no cost.

Why is this such a big deal? I feel like that’s obvious. The Rune element of this game gives you the chance to retaliate and even interrupt enemy attacks and turns. By planting the right kinds of Prophecy cards in your deck, you can really change the tide of battle in your favor. Some prophecy cards allow you to heal, some allow you to lay down creatures, and some allow you to flat out destroy creatures.

A few prophecy cards are actions that can do things like shackle and silence, which allows you to plan a proper retaliative measure. For me, being from a Hearthstone background, it’s nice to be able to interrupt a play and show an opponent who’s boss. In Hearthstone, you can count on secrets for that sort of thing but that’s about it.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends just continues to impress me the more I play it. The cost of cards is super responsible, and the developers are clearly conscious of the value of things like summon damage and card draw.

Feel free to continue upgrading your cards and give the versus arena a try. Tomorrow, I plan on doing a discussion surrounding the types of decks I think are the most fun to use in the game so far.

In the meantime if you haven’t already, try and download the open beta! It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s complex. Check out the official The Elder Scrolls: Legends website for more info.